Left 4 Dead 2


Beginners Guide to Left 4 Dead 2

The streets of every city you pass through are filled with flesh eating zombies as the entire world seems to have been consumed by an undead viral outbreak.

It is down to you and three friends to survive deadly missions and venture through streets, forests and rural landscapes to safe houses before finally arriving to safely to be extracted from this hellish nightmare of Left 4 Dead 2.

Left 4 dead 2

Your Objective

In a nutshell Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay consists of a battle between two teams, humans versus zombies. Nevertheless it is far more than just that.

Your group of four will need to work together in a cooperative mode through zombie-infested levels which consists of streets, farms, forests, and more which are broken up into five campaigns per level.

You can expect to find each campaign subdivided into different areas with the primary goal to make it to the safe house alive.

When your group locates the safe house at the end of each campaign (apart from the final one) you must all rush inside and close the door safely.

This will allow you to move on to the next level.

Nevertheless, if one of your teammates has unfortunately perished by the zombies, the remaining survivors can still continue without them until they are reunited once again in the next level.

Thankfully, safe houses contains an abundance of useful items, which include health packs, ammo, and weapons which allows you to stock up before moving on to the next level.

Left 4 Dead 2 comes with a fantastic and very clever A.I. Director. (A.I. as we all know stands for Artificial Intelligence).

This built in feature can alter the gameplay as and when necessary which means you may play the same campaign multiple times, but you may notice a particular door is now open, or a wall is now blocking your path when it wasn’t previously.

This keeps campaigns exciting so you do not get bored or too complacent with the same layout each time you play the same campaign.

How To Survive In Left 4 Dead 2

All Left 4 Dead 2 characters come with the same amount of health and the same running speed and health is an incredibly important factor in this game.

You will conveniently notice that your health bar is located in the bottom right hand side of your screen, with your teammates’ displayed beside it.

Obviously a health bar works in the same way as most games, it indicated how much health you have by sliding left to right, but Left 4 Dead 2 has made the health system far easier.

Your health bars change color, from green, to yellow, to red, which signifies how close to death you may be. This feature makes it incredibly easy to spot who is in big trouble just at a glance.

Nevertheless, remember the speed we mentioned a moment ago?

You become increasingly slower the less health you have. So it is important to keep your health topped up.

If you are unfortunate enough to run out of health, you will become incapacitated.

When incapacitated your only hope for survival is if one of your teammates revives you before you bleed out and eventually die.

If you are lucky enough to be revived, you will temporarily receive 30 Health Points, but this will slowly begin to drop back down unless you or your teammates can locate a First Aid Kit and patch you back up.

If you are unfortunate enough to become incapacitated once again you can be revived two more times, but if you are failed to be healed with the use of a First Aid Kit by the third incapacitation you will die.

If you are patched up with a First Aid Kid, it will reset your incapacitated counter, which luckily allows you to be revived three more times.

If you or your teammates die, you can try to bring them back by:

Defibrillator Unit

A defibrillator unit allows you to try to revive a fallen teammate instantly, but they are a one time use item and are not always successful.

Rescue Closet

Dead teammates will eventually respawn in small rooms located throughout the level called ‘rescue closets’. You can find teammates by looking out for their glowing silhouette. Teammates locked in rescue closets cannot release themselves and need surviving teammates to do it for them.

New Chapter

Fallen teammates will rejoin your group at the beginning of a new chapter.

Left 4 Dead 2 Useful Items

First Aid Kits

First aid kits are known as the primary method of healing yourself and others. It is important to remember that first aid kits only restore 80% of the health you had lost and not 80% of your total health. With this in mind, it means that the closer to death you may be, the more health you will receive by using it. So decide wisely when to use one.

Faster Healing

If the scene is very intense and you need to top your health up quickly, use an adrenaline shot.

Pain Pills

Pain pills do not work the same as first aid kits, they grant an immediate top up of 50 health points. Their healing effect is only temporary, and you will notice that your health will slowly begin to drop to its original level when you took the pills. Pills primarily are only good for keeping you alive long enough to reach a first aid kit or a safe house.

Adrenaline Shots

Adrenaline Shots come with two main benefits:

● You will receive the ability to run faster and perform actions such as healing others faster. This effect lasts only for 15 seconds.

● You will receive 25 health points, which behave in the similar manner to Pain Pills.

Pipe Bomb

The pipe bomb’s red flashing light and beeping lures nearby zombies to it before exploding, which is a very effective way of clearing a packed out area. Use a pipe bomb to distract large groups.

Boomer Bile

Small green glass containers that contain a sample of Boomer’s Bile. If you successfully land the bile on enemies you will attract others to begin to feast off them, rather than you. But act quickly, boomer bile soon wears off.

Combat In Left 4 Dead 2 Game

Combat behaves in the same way as many popular first person shooters, however Left 4 Dead 2 weapons can be incredibly fun to use. You are able to hold two weapons at one time, with one being your primary and the other being your secondary. Pistols luckily come with unlimited ammo, which means they are great for tackling small groups of weak infected.

Infected Types

There are an abundance of different types of zombies in Left 4 Dead 2. Primarily you will encounter your stereotypical ‘horde’ which will growl, moan and run after you. But once in awhile you will run into one or even two of the seven ‘special’ infected types.

The Horde

The horde is a large group of typical zombies. They are incredibly weak and can be taken down in no time. If you encounter a zombie by itself, it’s always a wise idea to be prepared. Where there is one, there will be many more. Stick together and don’t get overrun!

Special Infected

The Boomer

The Boomer - Left 4 Dead 2
Boomers are incredibly slow and big. It is hard not to miss them, especially when you can often hear them gurling and belching away. However, their swollen stomachs contain a dangerous bile that once spewed up onto you and your teammates has the ability to summon the horde by the masses. Don’t get too close to these guys, they will explode when killed which can also pour pile all over you. The Boomer Action Figure at Amazon: Click Here..

The Charger

Chargers are enormous and as their name also implies, they do nothing but charge. Regardless of their size they are incredibly fast, so keep your distance and be ready to strafe out of their way when they charge.

The Hunter

Hunters are pretty much the opposite of the Boomer: small and fast. You’ll recognize them by the hoodie they wear over their head at all times. They’ll attempt to pounce on you from a distance, making them tricky to keep tabs on.

The Smoker

 left 4 dead 2 smoker

You will often hear these guys coughing before you see them. They grab their targets with their long tongue before choking them to death. If you or one of your teammates become trapped by a smoker, either shoot the tongue, or follow the tongue to the smoker itself and take him out. Be careful of killing a smoker nearby, upon dieing they leave a large smoke plume that can temporarily reduce visibility. 7″ Scale Action Figure Smoker at Amazon: Click Here..

The Tank

An infected you will most certainly not enjoy meeting. If their appearance doesn’t speak a thousand words then we don’t know what will. These specials are incredibly strong and can stop a whole group of survivors in their tracks. On some difficulty modes, these guys can rip a group apart in seconds. Keep your distance, avoid their punches and any cars, rocks or anything else that they decide to throw at you. We’ve all heard the phrase “Kill it with fire”, usually a well placed molotov can see these guys down.

The Witch

If it isn’t one of your team mates crying with fear, then it will be a witch. These specials won’t cause you any particular harm as long as you stay away from them. If you startle one either by getting too close or shoot her you better get ready to run. If startled the witch will run for the individual responsible and will knock them down and create heavy damage. Typically a witch can take a healthy survivors health from 100% to zero in a matter of seconds. Take her down quickly to prevent maximum damage. Read more here..

The Spitter

Spitters are very similar to boomers, but they appear physically smaller and come with less health. They are able to projectile spit acid in the path of survivors or even on a group. She will also drop acid where she dies. The acid is incredibly hazardous and survivors should avoid coming in contact with it at all costs.

The Jockey

As the name suggests this special likes to jump onto the backs of survivors and ride them into groups of horde or even into the path of other specials. While he is on you, you will lose the ability to control your character and you will receive small amounts of continuous damage as he pummels you with his fists. To escape a jockey your teammates will need to shoot him off of you.

If Left 4 Dead 2 sounds like your cup of tea, why not check out this official Left 4 Dead 2 trailer!