How To Install Best l4d2 Weapon Mods

How To Install best L4D2 weapon mods? First of all you need to download left 4 dead 2 PC weapon mod you like. L4D2 weapon mods can be found on many websites! Read best L4D2 weapon mods tutorial bellow and play with your favorite L4D2 weapons today.

Install Best l4d2 Weapon Mods Tutorial

In previous post: L4D2 Weapon Mods Maps And Skins Downloads you will find links for best l4d2 mods available and you can start downloading from there. Next thing after you have download the weapon mod is to unpack that file with your WinRAR program or any other similar program. You need to unpack the file on your desktop. Simply extract the file on desktop and you will get the .vpk file. Copy that file and paste it into the L4D2 game folder. Check out the whole process by looking at the pictures bellow this text. Once you are done with that open the game and go to the L4D2 “Addons” section. Chose the weapon mod that you already install and start the game. It is pretty simple once you know what you are doing. You can repeat the process and  download left4dead2 various mods maps and skins.

Download left4dead2 weapon mod and it will look like this:


Unpack the file with WinRAR onto your desktop:


You will get the .vpk file that looks like this:


Now you need to copy that file and paste it into the Addons L4D2 game folder.





To open the right folder check out images below!
Click the right click on the L4D2 shortcut of your game and than click “Properties”:

Best l4d2 Weapon Mods Tutorial

Click the “Open File Location”:


Open “Left 4Dead 2” folder and than “left4dead2” folder:


Now open “addons” folder:

Paste the .vpk file into this folder and you are done.

Now close everything and go open your Left 4 Dead 2 Game. Once you are inside the game menu click Addons.


You will see the next screen in your game menu:


Choose the mod you want, click done and go to play. If you did everything right you should get result like this:

L4D2 weapon mod from Serious Sam

This is all you need to know about how to install and play with Best l4d2 Weapon Mods! Same thing is with other l4d2 addons like maps and skins. Have fun!

Left 4 dead 2 pc download for Weapon mod HK416 Serious Sam 3 Edition: Link

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