Left 4 dead 2 Dead Center Gameplay – Multiplayer Playthrough – Ellis 1080p


Left 4 Dead 2 Dead Center is an opening chapter in the game. It begins with the four survivors ( Rochelle, Coach, Ellis and Nick) abandoned by the rescue chopper at the hotel roof in Savannah, Georgia.

Left 4 dead 2 Dead Center Gameplay

They came up with decision that they have to head to the local mall where is a second CEDA evacuation point established during the zombie apocalypse. Small talk with the gun store owner, Whitaker, reveal them that all CEDA agents in the mall are infected or already dead. The mall is overrun with the infected and the four survivors are stuck in there until Ellis came up with the Idea on how to escape from the Dead Center. Ellis is taking a stock car to bust out of the mall with his survivor friends. Leaving the mall behind, the group of four decide to travel to New Orleans, which is, as they heard rumors, the last standing city in America. More about the gameplay for l4d2.

Check Out the Left 4 dead 2 Dead Center Gameplay video above, or watch the survival mode!

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