Left 4 Dead 2 Ellis Stories


Left 4 Dead 2 Ellis Stories all in one video. It is hilarious. Listen Ellis rants about his friend Keith, zombies and more. Ellis is very likable character.

There is a whole army of Ellis fans out there among the people who are playing L4D2. Left 4 dead 2 Ellis quotes are also a well known and you can find them all over the net. So whats the secret behind so many fans of Ellis. I will try to answer to that question with one sentence:

Ellis is the youngest from the four left 4 dead 2 characters in the l4d series. His personality is best described through his famous stories and his quotes.

Left 4 Dead 2 Ellis Stories

You should see the video above and everything will be perfectly clear. Ellis stories are so great that they became a phenomenon inside this awesome game. If you liked this post you can find out more about Ellis by clicking this link: Left 4 Dead 2 Ellis Stories

Try not to laugh at this one!

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