Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay


Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay is the same as in the first game, l4d. Left 4 Dead 2 is a FPS with a great influence of co-op gameplay. The game offers 5 new stories, each made up of three to five smaller missions. It will provide an unforgettable passing through a swamps, cities and cemeteries of the Deep South populated and crowded with Infected.

Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay

Starting at Savannah all the way up to New Orleans you will have a fantastic adventure with your teammates. As in the very first game, each campaign is offered in menu selections as well as loading screens as a movie, starring the group of four Survivors; and also features, after completing a campaign, a faux credits display which perform as the definitive scoreboard for the players and also recaps specific efficiency statistic for the all team.

In every campaign, a great number of  levels involve the Survivors breakthrough to a protected zone and also closing the safe house doors when all of the survivors are inside. The final phase in each campaign uses the Survivors to call for rescue as well as either survive a prolonged attack until rescue shows up, pass with a particularly difficult onslaught of Infected to reach a getaway vehicle, or (in Dead Center as well as The Passing) collect and also use gas containers to make their getaway possible.


Every survivor can equip 5 items which are divided through 5 categories. Main weapon , secondary weapon , flammable or poisoned throwable item, first aid kit and pain suppressor. Main weapons are divided into four tiers accounting their availability and their attributes.

Tier one are basic weapons and they have low damage ratio ( SMG and Chrome shotgun).

Tier two weapons have a higher damage ratio but they can be found only at later stages of each chapter, (Assault Rifle and Combat shotgun).

Tier three weapons are different from previous weapons in a way that you cannot refill ammunition from the ammunition dumps, which are showing only once or twice on the each map, (Grenade Launcher and M60 – heavy machine gun), but they have a devastating fire power and damage ratio.

Tier four weapons are always mounted weapons with unlimited ammunition but they tend to overheat from non-stop usage. Those weapons have the highest damage ratio by far and can be found in set positions in maps. They have fixed arc of fire. You cannot upgrade those weapons with the ammunition pack upgrades for bullets or laser sight attachment.

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