Left 4 Dead 2 Hard Rain Gameplay – Multiplayer Walkthrough 720p


Where the “Swamp Fever” ends, Left 4 Dead 2 Hard Rain gameplay begins. Survivors task is to find the diesel fuel for the Virgil’s boat in exchange for a ride to the New Orleans. The group of four fight their way through to get to the gas station on the other side of the swamp.

Left 4 Dead 2 Hard Rain Gameplay

To complicate the situation for the survivors even more, a tumultuous rainstorm starts to approach. Hard Rain starts to fall, leaving the survivors in a knee high water on their path, limiting their movements.
Once they reach the gas station and supply themselves with the diesel fuel, they signal Virgil with the improvised flare, to pick them up with his boat.

A fantastic campaign filed with hard atmosphere. Surrounding is grey-colored, wet and dark by itself. Hordes of zombies lurking on every corner ready to chop you up. You can sense the fear and suffering of the survivors in this hostile swamp territory. One of my favorite campaigns. Check out more about l4d2 gameplay!

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