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Check out three cool custom Left 4 Dead 2 Maps based on the Zombie movies. Featuring detailed maps description and left 4 dead 2 maps download links. Enjoy!
Today is gonna be a pretty jam-packed video because I really wanted to do something for left for dead 2. Left for dead is a personal favorite of mine. I’ve love that game and its sequel since it first came out. It’s one of those games that I would never uninstall or if I reformat my computer, it would be one of the first games that I reinstall.

I want to show off a few cool custom maps for left for dead 2. However, I guess you could probably argue that these are only in the loosest sense actually mods, considering that they only modify the gameplay in the slightest ways. Regardless, though they do in the end modify the gameplay. Therefore I classified them as mods, and therefore I feel that I can put them on left 4 dead 2 maps list.

So without further ado we’re gonna be looking at three maps. Blood tracks, and maps based on two movies. Night of the Living Dead and one of my personal favorites, Return of the Living Dead.

Left 4 Dead 2 Maps – Blood Tracks

So, let’s start off with Blood Tracks. Blood Tracks it’s a pretty cool custom left 4 dead 2 map because I almost feel like it’s a combination of all the 4 maps in the original Left for Dead. It starts you off on some sort of dock area, and then from the docs, you go through the forest, and than through the forest, you go to the train tracks, and then from the train tracks you go to a fallout industrial area.

Its a really so much variety in this map which makes it pretty engaging, and on top of that, there are some really cool events to play through. The ones that really come to mind are the final rescue event, and an event where you have to run along the train tracks pushing through hordes of zombies as they scream at you.

But where the actual mod aspect of this map comes in, is in the fact, that there are a bunch of new weapons there. And some new melee weapons. Such as a two by four with the nail in it. My personal favorite is the sledgehammer. There’s a couple new guns such as mp5 and an assault rifle with a mild zoom on it.

This map also features compatibility with all left for dead 2 modes including co-op, versus, survival and scavenge. So all in all it’s a very well done custom map and can definitely hold its own in comparison to any of the vanilla left for dead 2 maps.

Left 4 Dead 2 Map – Night of the Living Dead

The next map is only a survival mode map but that makes sense when you consider that this map is a replica of the house from the Night of the Living Dead. You know the house where the survivors make their last stand and it’s a pretty faithful remake of that house. With all details, such as for example, a sniper rifle perched on the windowsill in the upstairs bedroom.

However there is no basement and that is quite depressing because, as they say, the basement is the safest place. Where the mod aspect comes in, however is that you have the ability to barricade windows and doors. With wood that you collect from the safe room. Which I think is a pretty cool touch. To have your friends running around trying to make sure that the windows and doors are barricaded. Something that didn’t exist in the vanilla version left for dead.

Also the houses has the added benefit of well-being for the movie. It is still a pretty generic house. Meaning that you can easily imagine that it’s you and your friends just holding up a zombie apocalypse in your own house. And to me that’s pretty cool.

Left 4 Dead 2 Map – Return of the Living Dead

The last map i wanna talk about is the Church from Return of the Living Dead. The Church, where again, the survivors make their last stand. And I really like this left 4 dead 2 map. But maybe that’s because I really like this movie. I mean Return of the Living Dead, has, was, probably my favorite Zombie movie of all-times.

Plus it teaches you why zombies do in fact eat brains. But fortunately in the left for dead 2 version the zombies aren’t quite as powerful as they were in Return of the Living Dead. But, I love all the subtle details on this map. Such as the ambulance with Corpses outside, and the internal clinic with what appears to be a dead female on the operating table.

Left 4 Dead 2 Maps - Return of the Living Dead

It also has the same features as the Night of the Living Dead – left 4 dead 2 map. Which is the ability to barricade doors and windows. Sadly though, at this point, the map is relatively incomplete because they don’t have a survival mode. They only have a Campaign mode which never ends but still it’s a pretty cool map to play on. Especially if you’re playing it with friends or fans of the original movie.

In any case, there you go, three great custom maps-modifications for left for dead 2. So if you’re still playing this game like I am, on a pretty frequent basis, I recommend you check them all out.

Hope you enjoyed in this brief look at three best left 4 dead 2 maps. And until next time, when I will show you how to install left 4 dead 2 maps. Signing up for now, and I hope you come back for another fantastic mod, and until then, you guys take care!

Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Download

Check out Blood Tracks here: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/2750

Check out the Night of the Living Dead House here: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=8353

Check out the Return of the Living Church here: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=9018

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