Left 4 Dead 2 Zombie Characters


This video is showing how to play with Left 4 Dead 2 Zombie Characters in the versus mode. Revealing tips and tricks for Left 4 Dead 2 Infected Characters.

Left 4 Dead 2 Zombie Characters Versus Gameplay

Check out some tips and tricks of your favorite left 4 dead 2 zombie characters. By using these little secrets you will have more fun while playing l4d2 in the versus mode. So let’s start with the tips for the every infected character in the l4d2..

Left 4 Dead 2 Zombie Characters

The Charger

In the absence of The Tank, The Charger is the brute force of the Infected team. He launches himself forward, grabbing a survivor and smashing him into the floor or anything nearby. He can’t be killed with the melee weapon and has 600 health points. The Charger is great for ambushing, so waiting behind a corner is a good strategy. He is great for weakening the healthy team of survivors or for finishing and hurting them bad. As long as you run into the center of the team of survivors you are bound to do some damage. Separate survivors from the group by picking them up and carrying them long distances. Even if you miss your target, as a Charger, you still have some great and very powerful melee attacks.

The Spitter

Spitters can fire long range acid globes. The acid from the globes damages survivor over time, similar to fire damage. Spitters also leave behind the puddle of acid when they die. Use Spitter to separate and delay the Survivors by blocking the path forward. Spitting on downed Survivors is a good tactic for spreading panic. Spitters should coordinate with other Infected to maximize the damage. Be careful when you playing with Spitter because he has only 100 health.

The Jockey

The Jockey is possibly the most versatile of all the special infected. He runs fast, jumps high and has 325 health. He can leap onto a survivors back riding them away from the group as he claws at their head. Jockeys can leap quickly with the very short cool-down an this makes them very hard to hit from far away. Combined with the confusion of a Boomer or Spitter, Jockeys can grab a separated survivor and ride him further into harm. Jockeys can ride their victim as far away as they want until the survivor is downed. After downing the survivor Jockeys have to wait for a longer cool-down before they can jump again. Considering everything, Jockeys are the most fun and most useful Infected characters for most situations. Playing as a Jockey you want to setup around the corners or in the dark confusing places like a hedge maze. Most distracted team wont notice when you steal somebody until its to late. Even in open areas Jockeys can pull their victims behind obstacles like trees to do some extra damage. Patience is important for all infected, Jockeys especially, rely on the situation. The Boomer
/Jockey teams are very effective. Jockey incaps, horde finishes off. Jockeys are great for picking off deserters. Jockeys often hide behind their victim while riding him, increasing the chance his teammates will shoot him instead of you.

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