Surprise! New Left 4 Dead Beta Campaign Has Been Released!

An update has been released for Left 4 Dead in a form of a new beta campaign. Shocking is that it comes from nowhere, but I will not complain. With so many “addons” played already this will be really refreshing update and totally new left 4 dead gameplay experience! New Left 4 Dead Beta Campaign can easily be downloaded and played right now.

Surprise! New Left 4 Dead Beta Campaign Has Been Released!

While we waiting for the Left 4 Dead 3 we can have fun playing this new campaign called “Dam It”. It is a combination of a Blood Harvest and Dead Air, sort off.

How to Download and Install New Left 4 Dead Beta Campaign

Automatic Installation: Simply unzip .vpk file then double click to launch.

Manual Installation: Just unzip .vpk file and copy/paste to Left 4 Dead “addons” folder.

You can download it here: http://www.augerresources.com/l4d/damit.html

Known Issues

Releasing as an add-on means that our code changes are not included. Missing code means that the following features are not working:

Fire, smoke and explosions do not trigger panic events in the hangars.
Zombies do not crawl all the time in the orchard.
Farm house mob does not spawn in the far side of the woods.
Covered bridge does not collapse with explosions.
Burned forest area is missing wandering fires.
The burning forest section has a burn trigger that stays on too long. If you move quickly you’ll take burn damage.

The dam spawn room is missing health kits and weapons.

The elevator models have an offset origin in the dam. Players can still get on and use them, but they are invisible and wall collision is missing. Read more..

New Left 4 Dead Beta Campaign

Hope you find this informative and funny. Couple of bugs should not spoil the gameplay because we all waiting for something new for a long time now. Have fun and enjoy in your New Left 4 Dead Beta Campaign!

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