Left 4 Dead In Real Life Action Gameplay

The only thing missing in this Left 4 Dead In Real Life action gameplay fan movie is the Zoey. Everything else is made awesome if you know that movie is made by fans. Realistic weapons, shooting scenes and many nice viewpoints from the left for dead gameplay, like sniper view, katana play etc…

Left 4 Dead In Real Life Action Gameplay

Left 4 dead video game is the first from the series of two games l4d and l4d2, and while we are waiting for the sequel, it can be fun to see some real life L4d action. Left 4 dead 3 games is nowhere to be seen, yet. There is a many speculations about making but I’m not going to write about that in this post. Real life left 4 dead game videos are not a new thing between fans of the series and there is so many of them that is really hard to tell which one is the best.We can only thanks to the makers of those projects as they actually taking the time and resources just to keep alive huge popularity of the L4d and L4d2.

Left 4 Dead In Real Life – Three Part Movie

This particular movie have three parts. The third one ties to the first Left 4 Dead game. And for the record, there are the trademark L4D zombie characters in these three parts, such as the hunters and the witches. Anyway, there is a lack of some things that are recognizable in the L4d and here is the nice comment which can be found on YouTube. Read below..

Part 2

Part 3

“When am I gonna see the day when someone finally realizes and makes not just a typical zombie movie, but an actual “Left 4 Dead” movie. Whether they decide to take plot in the same route as the video game did (like filming an individual movie based off of each campaign: “No mercy”, “Crash course”, and so on), or totally change it up and write a new story with a more drawn-out plot… This could be easily pulled off, and personally a HUGE blockbuster, too… I would pay mega bucks to see this franchise happen. What does anybody else think?”

What do you think?

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