Left 4 Dead Movie Trailer


Official Left 4 Dead Movie Trailer for the fan made project Left 4 Dead The Movie.

This is a real L4D fan made project that is trying to make a great movie for all of us, L4D fans, (and L4d2). Even if the zombies don’t look real enough we should all respect this, because doing all that the movie crew did and go through during filming is respectable in any way. If only they had bigger amount of funding, I’m sure that we will be watching awesome movie with all the elements of the L4D gameplay. The L4D Movie is shot with less than 5,000$, and actually the filmmakers have every right to be proud on this project.This is a L4D Movie teaser trailer and can’t show everything what will be in the movie, but we know for sure that The Tank will be in, as every special infected!

Left 4 Dead Movie Trailer Screenshot:

Left 4 Dead Movie Trailer

L4D The Movie Project

L4D The Movie project has been in development since 2010. 5 years in the making. In that time, World War Z and Walking Dead has been dominating the zombie genre. Left 4 Dead movie release date is not known and for now  we can enjoy in this Left 4 Dead Movie Trailer. We all hoping that this movie would be awesome, and once it is released, it would be a real fun to watch. Read more here: Mexican Standoff

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