Left 4 Dead Real Life Video Made by Two Teenage Girls

Left 4 Dead Real Life video made by two girls is the proof of the phenomena of the left 4 dead video game.It is so big that simply touches a huge span of audience no matter the gender or age. I couldn’t resist not to put this video in a blog post. It is not only because “Left 4 Dead Real Life/Slenderman Real Life” reach more than 1,044,487 people but also because it is so inspiring.

Left 4 Dead Real Life Video

Ok, the video is beginning with the short scene of the slenderman, but right after girls are switching to the left 4 dead shooting. Do not expect some Hollywood blockbuster from this short movie, but try to get the feeling on how will this situation from L4d end in real life.

When you play left 4 dead you are always shifting to some new world, outside this ordinary one and pretend for a while that your only task is how to stay a live together with your fellow survivors. This is the unique charm of the l4d game. By watching this you can get the true vision on how Left 4 Dead Real Life situations will look like. Put yourself in the shoes of those girls and imagine the hordes of zombies are after you. Running scared and hiding in some closet or barn will not solve the problem. You got to arm yourself with anything only to survive. Ordinary items suddenly becoming the weapons that will save your life.

Read what original makers of Left 4 Dead Real Life Video/slanderman, got to say about making this project:

“This is my culminating project video that shows how to make something as simple as a video game an all-out adventure just by using your imagination! This video features the games “Slender the Eight Pages” and the “Left 4 Dead” series portrayed in real life! Please enjoy! (Violence and fake blood used, viewer discretion is advised.) Also, I know nobody is going to read the description until I tell them to after they ask, but I used Final Cut Pro 7 (for Mac computers only) to edit the video and I used Adobe After Effects to create the credits sequence.” More at..

Read more about the original left 4 dead xbox 360 game in this short review. If you still don’t have the game L4d here is the link for the left 4 dead free download: Click Here.

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