Siblings Left 4 Dead 2 Play: Ep. 2 – GET THE COLA!

My siblings, HomelessGoomba, Bethanyfrye, ImmortalKyodai and I had Left 4 Dead 2 Play Campaign multiplayer! This is a scary game! It is filled with scary levels and horrifying zombie hordes! Watch how we have to work together in order to stay alive!

Play Left 4 dead 2 with the right team and laugh and survival is guaranteed. Funny comments and jokes on the account of the left 4 dead 2 zombie characters during play is the best part of this gameplay. Left 4 Dead 2 Play and description of all characters!

Left 4 Dead 2 Play

By the way my favorites in this video are Ellis and Coach. Who is your favorite left 4 dead 2 character?
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Music: Matt McFarland www.mattmcfarland.com

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