The Funniest Description of Left 4 Dead 2 Models for Infected by Far!

Video is showing all the new Left 4 Dead 2 Models for the Left 4 Dead 2 Infected. See also the funniest description of Left 4 Dead 2 Special Infected by far! Special/Boss Infected along with the Riot Special common infected. See also Infected in action. Note: The Spitter spits acid, there you go…

Left 4 Dead 2 Infected Description

Hunter just loves jumping around in a hoodie so that’s why he’s likable. This Witch is sad because she thinks Hunter doesn’t love her in her ripped clothes that look like a good bikini and that’s why she cries. Charger just masturbates all day long. Tank is an idiot who went in radioactive shit. Boomer is just how he is, maybe he was eating chips before he mixed it with radioactive shxx to turn him into that shxx. Smoker has the tongue of a lizard and he smokes a lot. Spitter is a prostitute that ate an acid candy/lolipop so that she turned in to that scary shxx. Riot Zombie is normal. Clown entertaining the zombies like an idiot. Jokey is just mentally crazed hazmat. Luvs his fire proof suit.

And finally Bill, who sacrificed himself in L4D1 while the others acted like p-ss–s and didn’t help him. They’re stronger than 20 tanks together and they let one down by letting him die from 3 Tanks. Read  original here..

Left 4 Dead 2 Models

What I Think Special Infected Were Before in Real Life:

Hunter: Parkhour guy, sportive/athlete guy
Smoker: Cigaratte addict, cancer patient
Boomer: Fat guy hamburger addict, diabetes Patient
Tank: Muscle guy, bodybuilder, steroid addict
Witch: Depressed girl, emo girl
Charger: Farmer, Worker
Jockey: Mentally unstable guy, sadist.
Spitter: girl on drugs, pregnant girl

Hope you enjoyed in this funny Left 4 Dead 2 Models description.

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